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Mazall was created by a group of successful entrepreneurs and watch enthusiasts therefore all the features you need to maximize your business efficiency and successfully run your watch trading business are all conveniently integrated onto one robust chat application software.


A highly functional search bar is featured on the user profile interface and within group chats so you can easily search by keyword or by reference number to locate a specific timepiece for sale.

Introducing Timed-Live Auctions

The market must move and sometimes so does your inventory. Timed-live auctions can be set up to run on kamikaze mode or with a set-reserve going forward or even in reverse.

Mazall Now

Note: A member’s identity is only revealed at the time of an approved Mazall.

Watch Traders

Watch Traders

Watch Traders

As a group admin you can now easily create temporary timed-live auction groups on the platform and invite one or more of your private group members across one or more of your private groups.

Pawn Brokers

Pawn Brokers

Pawn Brokers

As a Licensed Pawnbroker you can now easily liquidate your timepiece assets onto the secondary market by creating timed live auction groups exclusively for Mazall members.

Your Word Mazall Is All You Have

Mazall is built on trust therefore our trusted community of international watch traders and pawn brokers are fully documented and vetted through our KYC and AML onboarding process.

Transaction History

Transaction History

The platform keeps a record of all transactions therefore you can easily keep a ledger/transaction history for all your successful transactions on the platform for future reference and record keeping.

Transaction History

Reputation Score

Based on a members successful transaction history Mazall automatically creates and builds on a user’s reputation score reporting all previous successfully completed transactions for all buyers and sellers eliminating the need for reference checks within private group chats where a member may have never previously transacted.

Transaction History


We keep a private user registry and accompanying identifying personal/business documentation for all members admitted onto the platform therefore compliance with the Identification of Customers and Business Partners according to the US Patriot Act is fully covered and provided to you in the event a given transaction is ever under investigation.

Save Time and Money

Tired of sifting and searching through your private group chats tirelessly to find a desired timepiece. Never miss a deal again.


If a specific timepiece is sought after you can now easily send out a “Want to Buy”, “In Search Of (ISO) “or “Need to Quote (NTQ)” call out broadcast of the message to one or more of your private groups selected.

If a specific timepiece is not available in any of your private group chats, you can now create private want to buy lists by inputting a specific timepiece reference number into the search bar and then clicking add to list.

Once the desired timepiece is listed in one of your group’s chats, a push notification and email is automatically generated and sent to alert you in real-time.

Bank Transfers, Fast Transfers, Stablecoins, Crypto, NFT's & More

Make it easy for domestic and international customers to pay you with full visibility and security. Initiate Bank Transfers including Wire Transfers, ACH, Wallet-to-Wallet Fast Transfers worldwide and even send and receive crypto and stable coin payments.Each and every inventory item you upload and trade creates a digital art image authenticated by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for registering each and every transaction on-chain and not only provides a verification of ownership but also a history of transactions to assist with building a user's reputation score.